Condominium Management Software for Security Guards, Property Managers, and Residents.

S.T.R.O.M. Software Version 2

As a web based solution, S.T.R.O.M. is a condominium management software which addresses the necessity of real time accurate reporting, tracking and control mechanisms that will assist security guards, property managers, and residents. Collaborating with a leading security guard industry provider has resulted in this unique solution that is based on 30 years of first hand practical knowledge. Unlike other market options, we are proud to state that S.T.R.O.M. Software is a solution developed "by security professionals for industry professionals".

Traditionally, security reporting/tracking has been performed using the simplicity of pen/paper. This method continues to produce a wide variety of issues, which clearly reflects in poor methods, practices, inaccurate, misplaced and confusion in reporting/tracking. S.T.R.O.M. Software will increase reporting accuracy, efficiency, integrity and controls a variety of items such as parking, keys, parcels, in addition to enhancing internal communication for security guards and property managers.

Furthermore, we as a society are concerned about protecting the environment and the pen/paper method has clear impact on such. S.T.R.O.M. Software being web based, printing only when absolutely necessary will eliminate the need of pre-printed reports and reduce paper waste, thus reflecting along the line of a "Greener Solution".

The S.T.R.O.M. Principles:

Accuracy - The modules have been designed to ensure the accuracy of data imputed and generated.

Accessibility - Information is accessible for easy reference.

Efficiency - Increases the productivity relating to reporting/tracking.

Urgency - Email alerts will advise of reported incidents and requests in real time.

Integrity - Ensures the validity and protects the altering of information.

Communication - Provides the ability to communicate with property managers, security guards, residents and relay critical information.

Security - Avoids information from being misplaced or lost.

S.T.R.O.M. Software a cost effective solution meeting industry
diversities and challenges!